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Side Entry

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Side Access Freedom SE

Product Number:
Manufacturer: Savaria
Website: savaria.com

Introducing the Viewpoint Mobility Side Access Freedom SE. The main difference between the side access Freedom SE and a traditional side-entry wheelchair accessible van is the amount of modification involved. The Freedom SE retains the original front row passenger and driver seats and only the second row is lowered. In traditional side entries, the lowered floor extends to the front of the van and the front seats are mounted on pedestals. This allows the front seats to be removed so that either one of the seats can be replaced by a wheelchair.

    The Freedom SE Advantages
  • Retaining the original front seats allows you to keep the same driving experience as an unmodified van.
  • Less structural changes during the production process means more of the original structural integrity is maintained.
  • Allows for easy entry and exit onto sidewalks.
  • The design allows for more dedicated storage space.
  • It is more economical than traditional side entry vans.